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For Immediate Release:

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, The Valley Park Fire Protection District is suspending all non-essential functions, these include station tours, car seat installations, CPR training, and public relations presentations. We would also ask that the public refrain from stopping by the firehouses for any non-emergency reason.  Our fire stations are all fully staffed and will remain operational. 


The regular Board of Director's meeting will be closed to the public.  Meetings will be recorded and those recordings posted on our website along with the meeting minutes. 


The administrative and fire marshal’s office will remain open and will be conducting business electronically only.  Any permits or payment must be completed online or by mail.

All residential and commercial occupancy inspections are suspended until further notice.

All annual inspections are suspended until further notice.

Building and construction inspections will continue to be performed.

Building and construction permits will continue to be accepted (Electronically only)

Any permits, questions, or comments may be emailed to or by calling 636-225-4288.


Thank you for your cooperation during this national emergency.


Jim Polk

Fire Chief