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Spring Time Safety

Spring is officially here, and we here at the Valley Park Fire District want you to take a few precautions.  Don't take nature for granted, there are lots of animals, critters and bugs that are very active, so remember, when working outside or in the garden, don't wear bright colors, wear long sleeves and pants if possible and always wear gloves and eye protection.  Don't forget about all the products laying around that you use for your lawn and garden, such as fertilizer, weed killer, etc..  They have been sitting all winter, make sure they have not leaked and that they are in a safe area away from children.  Check and do maintenance on any power equipment, and always store gasoline in a safe place.  Spring is also allergy season, so wear a mask if your allergies are bad or have a condition such as asthma. Lastly, Spring is when severe weather can strike at any moment, make sure you listen to weather alerts and for tornado sirens. Check out the links below for some more in-depth safety tips, there's even a link for our four legged friends.