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About Valley Park Fire District


The Valley Park Fire District is committed to providing the highest level of fire protection and emergency medical service to our community, safety and advanced training for our firefighters, all while staying fiscally responsible to our taxpayers.

The Valley Park Fire District was formed by a vote of the people in April of 1967. At that time the fire district consisted of one fire station, a handful of paid staff, and the rest volunteer firefighters. Today the fire district consist of two fire stations, twenty five paid firefighters, and 15 volunteers which we now refer to as our reserves. Station one is located at 840 St. Louis Ave. Station two is located at 55 Crescent Ave. and serves as our administrative office also.

The district is approximately 10 square miles, has a population of sixteen thousand citizens and includes the City of Valley Park, Village of Twin Oaks, portions of The City of Manchester and portions of unincorporated St. Louis County. The VPFD provides fire and EMS service in a wide variety of ways for this area. We cover several miles of Interstate 44, we have the Meramec River running through a good part of our district, two major railroads go through our district, several types of industry and chemical plants, plus all our citizens and their property.

Among our staff we have fifteen paramedics and ten EMTs. Ten of our firefighters are also hazmat technicians, others are qualified in specialized rope rescue and water rescue, and we have several that are fire and EMS instructors who teach other paramedics and firefighters coming into the business. In 2010 the Valley Park Fire District ran 1,843 calls, and that number increases almost every year.